Do people put cameras on their homes?

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Home camera system installations have been increasing over the years, especially with the cost of cameras systems being at an all time low. Putting a camera system on your home helps protect you and your family in case of a theft, vandalism,

or even the “slip and fall” scenarios. Being able to see what is going on at your home or even better what happened last week gives the homeowner a sense of peace knowing that they are always able to find out what happened.


Many people have put in front door cameras but now with the prices so low and the quality so high people are putting them in to overlook the pool, driveway, RV parking, and even at their mailbox. You can set them up to look anywhere on your property that you may feel a concern for security. High resolution cameras also allow you to see farther and even in the dark with Infra-red technology. Some Infra-red cameras will allow you to see in the dark up to 150 feet away from the camera.

The technology of camera systems have come a long way over the past few years, now it is easier than ever to be able to see what is going on at your home from your mobile device, whether it is a smart phone or a tablet you can check all of the cameras anytime day or night.

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