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Re-keys and Fittings

A1 has provided re-keys and fittings for over 45 years. Supporting customers who have lost keys, had keys stolen or misplaced, moved into a new house, or just don’t know how many keys are floating around that go to their property. We can help re-key so you don’t have to buy new locks anytime you find yourself in any of these situations.

A re-key involves taking the cylinder out of the lock and replacing the pins that are installed just for a particular key. We then replace the pins to fit the new original key. Would you like to have all your locks on your property match so you don’t have to guess what key goes where? We can re-key all locks to work on one key. Call us today to schedule your re-key.

Did you lose your key, but don’t want to re-key the whole property? We can make keys to fit the lock so you still have the same key. Call and schedule an appointment today, we can fit your lock and cut you as many keys as you need on site.