How much does a burglar alarm cost?

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Don’t be fooled by the “Free” alarm system, you will end up paying for it but in some cases won’t be able to keep the equipment. Whenever I am bidding a job I take a look at what the needs of the customer are and custom build the security system for them. An average home security system will consist of a control panel, keypad, motion detector, 3 door/window sensors, siren, battery, and usually a remote keyfob. An average system can cost anywhere from $400-650 installed, keep in mind any additional features you may want will cost extra.

Different companies sell security systems in different ways. The most common way is the “free” alarm system in which you get the equipment and installation for free but end up paying a large monthly fee. Think about it, companies cant go giving stuff away for free and still stay in business. Alarm companies will charge a large monthly fee to cover the cost of the equipment and installation which can run upwards of $650.00 and because you didn’t “buy” the equipment they can get the equipment back whenever you cancel with them, and if you don’t re-negotiate the monthly monitoring after the initial contract expires you will continue to pay more than you should be paying for monitoring.

That being said there is nothing wrong with financing the equipment and installation just make sure you understand that you don’t own the equipment and if you cancel with them they can come get the equipment back, it may be a better option to use the security companies financing options and not attach it to your monthly monitoring. Some alarm companies may even take payments such as 50% down up front and 50% on completion of the installation which may take some time to schedule and install.


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