How do you become a security installer?

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There are several ways to get into the security installation industry. It depends on what you want to do with your future, do you want a temporary summer job? Are you looking for a career in the security industry? These are just two of the questions people have out there. Keep in mind this can be an extremely lucrative career choice or it can also be a summer job to earn you money for college or whatever you may need at the time. There are a bunch oc companies out there that run what we call “summer programs” where you can either knock doors and sell the systems or become an installer and install 3-5 systems per day depending on how the day goes. I personally have not ever done the summer programs but have worked for a company that was selling security systems by the dozens and I was installing up to 5 a day and making insane money, but that being said you get burned out fast. The career choice is usually the better option and will pay out more in the long run and you also get to use and program cool new features and its quite fun.

There are a few options you have to get into the industry. One way is to get hired on as an entry level “wire puller” and you should make roughly $8-$10 dollars per hour depending on the company and you will make more as you learn and understand how things work and also how clean your installs are. The other option and maybe the best option is to get some education under your belt, Fortis College offers a low voltage program that is designes by security professionals here in Utah and also taught by some of the best installers in the industry with over 15 years of experience.

Fortis College is an accredited school so you are gaining college credits while learning the security industry from people who work in it everyday, Employers like to see installers with computer skills, networking knowledge, and an in-depth idea of how the security industry works. Fortis College has hands on training with lab rooms built out for the students to wire up, test, and fix different types of security from Fire Alarms, Burglar Alarms, CCTV, and Access Control systems.

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