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What is Home Control & Energy Solutions? Being able to control your homes light switches, thermostats, and even outlets will allow you to save money each month on energy bills. You can easily set up a time to turn up/down your thermostat depending on the time of day as well as shut off unwanted lights in the middle of the night with a simple schedule through our app.

thumbs_alarm-com-iphoneOne simple app

Control your home devices and security with one app that allows full control of each device, cameras, thermostat, light switches, outlets, and even automatic garage doors.


A1 Home Control & Energy Solutions offer for August

panelThis package will include the following:

        1 Touchscreen Panel
        1 Smart Thermostat
        1 Z-Wave Light Switch

Plus you will get the app feature for only $24.95 per month with no contract.

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Here are some of the benefits to having an automated home system:

        Set up custom alerts or notifications when your temperature is too low or high
        Create specific settings for your thermostat to change temperature on its own to save you money
        Add safety through appliance and lighting control
        Don’t worry about leaving lights on/off when you go out of town, you can program lights to auto turn on/off


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