How can home automation save me money?

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How Can Home Automation Save Me Money?

Home automation can save you money by easily setting up schedules to control your temperature, lights, locks, and appliances in your home. Most thermostats already have the ability to set up time zones so that you can choose what temperature you want the house to be at specific times throughout the day or night, but have you actually used this feature? I know in my home before I had any automation in it I tried to set up the thermostat to control the temperature for me but as the seasons change so does the climate control in your home. With home control systems you can easily change the climate settings in your home with ease from your smart phone or tablet, or even online. It is generally cooler at night so why have the AC running when it doesn’t need to be?

With climate control you can save money by not having your AC/Heater running when it doesn’t need to be. I can set my thermostat to be a little warmer in the summer when I am at work and have it automatically turn on 15 minutes before I get home so I don’t have to sweat until the home is cooled off.

Lighting Control?

Have you ever walked around your home and shut off lights, every ten minutes? I did, until I put in automated lights that can auto shut off after a certain hour or even connect the light switches to your security systems motion detectors so your home automation system knows if there has been no activity in a room for a certain amount of time and it will automatically shut off the lights, therefore saving you money and frustration.

Did you know that you can extend the life of your light bulbs by only turning them on 80% instead of 100% and also by dimming them on instead of switching them on? With home automation systems you can set up the lighting control to dim on your lights to 80-85% which saves energy and the life of the bulb and the human eye can’t tell that the bulb is not burning at 100%.

Have you ever had your kids go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or go get a drink of water and leave all the lights on all night until you turn them off in the morning? That seems like a waste of money on energy right? Think about having a motion detector in the hallway or on the way to the bathroom or kitchen and using that feature to auto set the lights with the security system.

These are just a few thoughts about how to save a little extra money every year with the use of home control & energy solutions

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