How easy is it to install Home Automation after my house is built?

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Buying a new home comes with many questions. One of the common questions is can I install home automation in my home after it is already built? What most people don’t know about home automation is that it is developed to be easily installed in almost any application, it does not matter whether your home is 50+ years old or still on paper. With today’s technology we can easily replace light switches, thermostats, electrical outlets, and even garage door power so you can have full control of your home directly from your smart phone.

One advantage of having this kind of control is the money you can save on energy costs. Being able to have your thermostat automatically change temperature for you while you are away or even at home so you don’t have to constantly remind yourself to change the settings can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Most of us have a bad habit of forgetting to turn the lights off when we leave a room. What if we didn’t have to worry about that anymore? You can easily set up your lighting to automatically turn down after a set amount of time as well as shut off when there is no activity in the room for a certain amount of time. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water? What if instead of stumbling over the kids toys and the cat sleeping on the floor your lights just automatically turned up 30% when you enter the room and then shut off when you leave the room? Seems like a science fiction movie right? Well, it’s not and people are using this technology all the time in their new and older homes.

Home automation installation is simply done by removing a switch and replacing it with another that is controlled using a wireless technology that communicates with either your security system or automation controller device. There are several different styles of home automation and you have the ability to choose what fits in your budget and what your needs are for this type of futuristic SMART home technology.

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