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Corbin Russwin Exit Devices

Corbin Russwin patented some of the first exit devices nearly a century ago. Since then, Corbin Russwin exit devices continue to meet rigorous life-safety and security requirements, while offering pleasing aesthetics and trouble-free operation. All trims are manufactured to match trims and finishes on corresponding mortise and cylindrical locksets, to achieve a unified look throughout the facility.

Engineered for applications in high-use, high-abuse situations, Corbin Russwin exit devices can be teamed with a variety of trims to provide desired functions, styles and finishes in new construction and renovations.

Corbin Russwin exit devices allow safe and easy egress, and are the perfect choice for any setting, from educational to hospitality to healthcare. Designed for applications on narrow stile full glass, aluminum and metal doors in high-use and high-abuse situations.
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