Can I control my security system with my cell phone?

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thumbs_alarm-com-iphoneMobile computing is the way we do almost all of our day to day living. Many people have smart phones or tablets that they use on a daily basis to help assist with their everyday life activities. Many people don’t know that you can easily control your home or business security system with a simple web-based app on almost any smart phone or tablet device. There is a simple module that can be installed onto most existing security systems which is then plugged into your internet, either hardwired or wireless that connects to a web portal in which you set up an account and within ten minutes you are controlling your security system, cameras, HVAC, or home automation controls.

No monthly fees is a nice feature to this module, you basically pay for the module and the installation from your local alarm company and they can set you up as a customer under their dealer portal and within minutes you can have full control. Some companies will offer to monitor your security system for you through this module using your internet instead of having a hardwired home phone, which in turn can save you money as well depending on what the cost of the monthly monitoring is from the alarm company you are working with.

One of the great benefits to this system is the text/email alerts directly to your device. You can easily set up how you want to be alerted when there is something happening on the security system. If there is an alarm on the security system you can receive a message telling you what zone has been tripped and then you can open the app and see the camera on your home (camera is an optional feature, prices vary on cameras). Maybe you have a room that has valuables in it and you want to be notified if anyone enters the room, you can have a door contact on that room and even if the alarm is not armed anytime that doors is opened you can receive a message. Another thought is if you have kids and want to know when they are getting home you can receive a message notifying you that “Johnny” just got home from school.

These are just a few simple ideas on what you can do with your security system and how they can be customized to fit your needs.


  • No monthly fee
  • Receive text/email alerts on alarms or zone status
  • Zone management
  • Custom user names
  • Custom zone description
  • Remote arm/disarm/zone bypass
  • Event logging


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