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On March 25, 2013, Posted by , In Central Vacuums, With No Comments

AVR3000A1 would like to introduce several new product lines into their already remarkable list of systems. The Central Vacuum System will add variety to your options when deciding to upgrade your home to the next level.   There are so many advantages to having a central vac system in your home. Imagine never carrying around that heavy motor again or listening to it while you are cleaning. With an A1 central vac system your motor can be installed in the garage or the basement, wherever is more convenient for you. Central vacs can be installed on new or existing homes that are fully finished.

A Central Vacuum is a cleaner and healthier choice when trying to decide on something that fits your needs. There are no filters on the vac head so instead of spitting the dust into the air in your home the motor will filter them out into the garage or even outside if you wish to have A1 set it up that for you.



  • Quieter Home
  • Healthier Home
  • Specifically designed for your needs
  • More suction power = longer carpet life
  • Affordable
  • Added home value


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