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You have all seen them. You know what they are supposed to do for you. They protect you and your most valued assets, right?

Many people that have burglar alarms find that they often forget to arm them. If a burglar alarm is not armed it’s not really paying off that investment right? How many times have you left to work, the store, vacation, or to go get the kids and forgot to arm the alarm? I would guess quite a bit, even if you don’t think about it all the time. We have burglar alarms to help keep that peace of mind. I know that if I forget to arm my alarm I want to kick myself, but nowadays their are solutions to these problems. Back in the “old school” days of burglar alarms you could install a dial-er that you call into and hit a series of numbers on your phone that will talk to the panel, these numbers may be your user code or a code you set up just for the remote access. And after you here the beeps and buzzers you would connect to the panel and get a status and if all of the zones were clear you could remote arm the alarm, I had this years ago which wasn’t tough for me since I installed them all the time and loved it, no longer would I fret over not having my alarm armed when I left my home.

Now for the bigger better systems out there. The new technology of burglar alarms are allowing us to easily arm/disarm, check status, receive text message updates, lock/unlock our front doors, and even check some integrated cameras at our homes with one easy app. You simply log into the app and bam! your in. how cool is that? I never thought 15 years ago when I was installing these things that they would end up being easier to use than my remote for my theater at home.


Not all burglar alarms have simple easy apps but they are coming along and fast so keep an eye out for the app integration into your existing burglar alarm, chances are your alarm company can set you up already and you may not even know it yet.

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