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Have you ever wondered what the best burglar alarm monitoring is? Do you know why you are most likely paying upwards $60 per month for your alarm monitoring when maybe your neighbor down the street is only paying $25 a month? What’s the difference in features? Is it worth the extra money? Do you even use it that much?

These are all common questions people have and usually can’t find the answers. Truth be told all monitored alarm systems work the same way, often call the same dispatch company, and uses pretty much the same equipment.

As a smaller company A1 installs the same systems as other large security companies, I don’t want to point out any companies in particular but I know that I buy the same equipment as other companies due because I usually end up changing over their systems to A1’s monitoring.

The equipment is the same, the dispatch centers work the same so why is it more expensive?

Monitoring can be a tricky thing, we all need it for the police, fire, emergency dispatch but it simply does not cost the company that much money to have your system monitored for them. If you are paying around $25 per month for your monitoring then you are doing good, some companies charge as low as $15 per month. Monthly monitoring may go up with certain features such as mobile apps, IP cameras connected to your alarm, fire alarms, and cellular monitoring but you should never pay more than $40 per month for monitoring your burglar alarm.

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