How Much Does Alarm Monitoring Cost?

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How Much Does Alarm Monitoring Cost?

Having and keeping up a home is all about security. A house should act as a safe place for your family to gather, play, bond, work, sleep, and more. However, if you don’t have an alarm system with alarm monitoring, you might not have complete peace of mind while you’re away from your home or while you are sleeping.

To promote safety and feelings of security for your family, you should look into alarm monitoring.

What is Alarm Monitoring?

Having a security or alarm system does little good if it is not being monitoring by professionals who can dispatch the fire department, police department, and more during a break-in or an emergency. When you sign up for alarm monitoring, you can be certain that, no matter where you are, someone will always be there to act if something goes wrong at your home.

The Cost

Although the equipment and dispatch systems used for alarm monitoring are very similar from company to company, the cost can vary widely. Though you will always pay a monthly fee for alarm monitoring, you could be paying anywhere from $15 a month to more than $60 a month.

Because it doesn’t cost a security company very much money to do alarm monitoring for you, it would not be cost effective for you to be paying more than about $40 a month for the most basic alarm monitoring services.

Additional Alarm Monitoring Features

There might be logical reasons to pay a little bit extra a month for alarm monitoring. For instance, in this age of technology, you have access to mobile apps, cellular monitoring, and connections with cameras, fire alarms, and more. Because adding those features is slightly more difficult for the security company, they might charge you a higher monthly rate.

If you are ready to get alarm monitoring and promote the well-being of your family, let A-1 Key and Security Solutions help you out!

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