hether you own a home or a business, protecting yourself, the people you are responsible for, and your investments is important. At A-1 Key and Security Solutions, we provide all of the products and services necessary to give you peace of mind every day, all the time.

Home Security

Home is a place where you should feel safe, secure, and content. However, if you constantly worry about what happens to your house while you’re gone or if you remembered to lock the door, protecting your home can become stressful and difficult.

With exponentially advancing security technology, you can have a home security system at your fingertips. You can turn your home into a safe, well-secured safe haven for you and the people who live with you.

Business Security

If you are business owner, you want to know that, when you go home for the night, all the results of your hard work will be protected. In order to do that, you need a security system that alerts both you and the authorities if anything is amiss while you are away.
By installing surveillance cameras, you can also ensure that people inside and outside of your business will treat the building with respect.

Security Solutions

At A-1 Key and Security, we offer a wide variety of security services, which include but are not limited to:
• Lock installation
• Locksmithing
• Burglar alarms
• Alarm monitoring
Video surveillance
• And more!
Regardless of what kind of security solution you are looking for, whether for a home or a business, A-1 has it all!


Have you locked yourself out of your car, your home, or your business? The expertly trained locksmiths at A-1 Key and Security Solutions will come out to where you are right when you need our help. We know that you don’t like waiting around for a locksmith, so we make it our prerogative to get help you as quickly as we can.

Whether you are interested in our locksmith services or in our security systems, call A-1 Key and Security Solutions today at (801)-997-5555!